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14 August 2001
The David Citadel - Finally some GOOD news for the tourism to Israel - (Jerusalem)

Dusk, and the daylight fades. You are standing at The David Citadel, looking across to the floodlit Tower of David, the Old City Walls and the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem.


The David Citadel is an appropriate new name for the hotel that has set new standards for the Israeli hotel industry. The original Citadel of Jerusalem, known as the Tower of David was built at the highest point of the southwest hill of  walled Old Jerusalem and has commanded strategic and cultural importance for over 2000 years. Appropriate then that Jerusalem's finest hotel, built of cream-colored Jerusalem stone in the traditional manner and to the highest standards possible, should be named after such an important site.


Immediately recognized  as Israel's finest hotel when it was opened as The Jerusalem Hilton in 1998, this 384 room-and-suite establishment has now decided to leave the Hilton brand name behind and strive for a standard of excellence never before seen in Israel. This is no ordinary hotel. From its inception the owners wanted nothing but the very best. They selected internationally acclaimed Moshe Safdie and Associates to produce an architectural masterpiece that leaves all other Jerusalem hotels far behind.


One cannot create a great hotel without great management, and the owners chose wisely when they selected Norman Rafelson as the General Manager to lead The David Citadel into an era  in which it becomes the standard- setter for its entire region. Rafelson's qualifications are impeccable. Graduating from Cornell  University School of Hotel Administration, he went on to study at the Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne before joining the Hyatt Hotel corporation. There he made an outstanding name for himself during the past 25 years in Asia,  Australia, the U.S.A. and Israel.


New in-house training programs will make the staff even more aware of the importance of outstanding hospitality and exceptional service. Data banks are being installed to allow for a maximum pampering of guests. When a client arrives, his preferences - from the newspaper he reads, the paperbacks he prefers, the mineral water he likes best will go into a data bank. The next time he books in, all of these preferences will be activated. 


Right now the hotel's think-tank is running hot. New logos are being prepared and new alliances are being forged.  Packages for Succoth - stay for ten nights and pay only for nine nights, as well as "The Royal Winter Package," where clients can enjoy the hotel's magnificent suites and spend a few days pampered like the stately and famous.


When it comes to dining in style, the hotel offers a variety of experiences that are also making it a by-word for excellence. The romantic terrace, overlooking the illuminated swimming pool across towards the Tower of David and the panorama of the Old City is the perfect place to enjoy the Japanese buffet and oriental B.B.Q. evenings, which have become a definite night out for hotel guests, Jerusalemites and international VIP's. 


When visiting, look around yourself for famous faces; here is where you will find the world's movers and shakers as they visit Israel. Ex-President Bill Clinton and his Senator wife loved the hotel. So did Colin Powell, US Secretary of State, during his visit in June. The person at the next table might be New York Mayor Rudolph Guiliani, a senior Israeli Cabinet Minister, a visiting diplomat, or perhaps Stephen Goldsmith, Senior Adviser on domestic policy issues to President George Bush.


Visit us again, or for the first time.

You will not be disappointed.


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