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The Golan is a traveler's dream destination. Its natural landscape comprises wide-open spaces, woodlands and water-filled canyons, hot springs and ski slopes. Its wild life includes elegant leopards and wolves, bashful gazelles and timid rock rabbits, vultures and eagles, and much, much more. The history of man in the Golan
dates back to prehistoric times. Many of the area's most ancient archaeological remains, such as its Stonehenge-like megalithic circles, remain undeciphered. Some ruins-such as the site of the Masada-like battle of Gamla during the Great Revolt of the Jews against the Romans ail that is left of historic moments of bravery and freedom. The Golan is clotted with the archaeological records of various periods and cultures, including those of the Greek world and early Christianity. Susita, one of many Hellenistic cities found throughout the East, Caesarea Philippi, the capital of the Golan in the time of Jesus and the site of one of the most important episodes in the New Testament, Mount Hermon, one of the traditional sites of the

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transfiguration, and Kursi, the site of the miracle of the swine, are all situated within minutes of ancient synagogues, churches, villages, and medieval fortresses-the historic legacy on the Golan.

The residents of the Golan today are another reason to visit this area. From the Druze villagers in the northern mountains to the Jewish kibbutz and moshav farmersof the southern tableland, the people of the Golan are deeply attached to the soil.

Farmers and cattlemen, apple growers and vintners, they make this region one of the most productive In Israel, as well as one of the most inviting. For a real vacation, an adventure of exploration and appreciation, the Golan is the place to spend your time during your next visit to Israel.

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