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You will always get your room reservation for the lowest price possible.

What?! You found the same hotel room online and it was cheaper? We will meet that price subject to the following terms:

1. You must have an existing order via Booking.com. Don’t cancel your reservation.

2. You have contacted our Customer Service after completing your order.

3. You still have time to cancel your reservation. But wait- if you can no longer cancel – for example: in cases of last minute booking or if a room was ordered in a non-refundable transaction – we will still address your inquiry if you contact us within 24 hours from the time of booking.

4. Provided that the lower priced deal can be made online and is still available when we look into your claim.

5. Provided that the lower priced deal is applicable to the same room you ordered via: Booking.com for:
- The same hotel
- The same type of room
- The same check-in and check-out dates
- The same booking conditions – “breakfast included , “non-refundable”, etc.

If it turns out that we can’t meet the lower price, due to the fact that the above 5 conditions are not met, you will be required to comply with the existing order - including the cancellation policy.

Unfortunately we can’t guarantee the lowest price if....
1. You placed your order through a website that only presents the hotel’s exact details after the booking process is completed.
2....Or if you ordered a room via or in combination with:
- Members special rates
- Extended stay
- Loyalty program points
- Any of the variety of ‘reward’ plans or special promotion deals offered by the hotel for which the reservation is placed.

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